Wilkens Design Studio is an interdisciplinary architecture and Interior Design firm developing new, adaptive reuse, and renovation projects.

Working collaboratively with a range of clients, project types and locations, we approach each project with an eye to individual needs and desires by putting those at the heart of the solution. Encouraging a dialogue with clients through all aspects of a project fosters a collaborative spirit, and allows each solution to be unique and free from preconceived stylistic conventions and at the end, enhance the lives of those who are using it.

Wilkens Design Studio's expertise spans across commercial, historical renovations, adaptive re-use, hospitality, and museum projects plus a range of residential project types- from the very economical and functional itinerant (WOOFer) housing to full-scope custom high-end single-family homes and interiors.

Wilkens Design Studio would like to thank Mark Niskanen and Charlie Schuck for many of the great project photographs, Black Box Design for always coming through with stellar renderings, and Always Good for help with the website.


Nicolaas Wilkens

I am fascinated by the way cultures, climate, and people shape our environments. Studying sculpture and photography originally helped bring a deeper curiosity about the built world in which we live; sculpture allowing a free exploration of form and photography developing a deeper way to see. Sculpture and its intervention into a given built environment ultimately led me to study Environmental Design. In this field both environment and the behavioral effects of form and space on human beings are considered as architecture.

Having been born in Amsterdam and growing up in beautiful natural surroundings in Belgium and upstate New York, playing always involved building things like tree houses, shelters, igloos, tunnels. The fascination with building and ultimately, the relationship we have to our surroundings, in whatever functional obligation (a home, a studio, an apartment, a museum, a restaurant) is what drives me to uncover more about how we live and how we interact with each other and our surroundings.

Nicolaas is a registered architect, AIA member, and formally realized Wilkens Design Studio in 2005 after many years managing and designing projects for well-established firms.