Cameron and I began the long process of refitting a 1930's staysail schooner in 2002. The John Alden-designed schooner originally known as Pinnafore has had many owners in her long history. She has gone through several refits from various boatyards along the Eastern seaboard. In the 1980's she ended up in California for a major refit and hull reconditioning. With the previous owner she sailed down the coast of California and Mexico to be used as a dive charter boat in Baja through the 1990's. It was after this stage in her life that we purchased and renamed the 43' LOD schooner to Qilak - an Eastern Greenland Inuit word for sky. Among the many projects we have already performed includes a complete hull and rig repair, topsides and deck reworking, replacing all standing rigging, re-bedding all mast hardware, spreaders, and a new foremast scarf. During this time we lived aboard for a year in Sausalito, California at the Pelican Harbor Marina. There is still much left to do and this will be taken up in the next chapter…..

UPDATE: Well, that next chapter arrived - We sold our Qilak in January 2019. She is by all accounts going to qualified hands and we wish the new Owners fair sailing.